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Complete Intelligence was formed to address a market need for accurate and reliable forecasting and predictive analytics. Historically, this work has been greatly influenced by the personal or corporate bias and opinions of those doing it or has been subject to market conjecture, sentiment and emotional responses to events. While this may seem right in the moment it’s done, it is not a dependable way to forecast. Certainly not when looking for market conditions more than a few days or weeks beyond any given point in time.

As we’ve all experienced, opinion, emotions and bias confound rational decision-making. This frequently leads to an incomplete understanding and an incorrect assessment of risk. Outcomes seem unknowable, or are estimations based on prior experience and subjective analysis. As a result, decisions are made hoping that the answers are not too wrong rather than trying to be sure they’re right.


We developed our Global Cognitive System as a way to provide unbiased analysis, based on the tenet that numbers don’t lie. Our technology was built on three key pillars: a globally integrated model, a data-driven process without human intervention in the output and a simple means of interfacing with the platform.

Since the world economy is a closed system, global integration ensures that a complete picture can be formed with artificial intelligence identifying more factors than possible through human analysis. Additionally, by avoiding human intervention in the analyses performed, our processes avoid bias, sentiment and emotion that degrade accuracy, and instead rely solely on data to determine outcomes. This allows us to identify and systematically remediate error for increasingly intelligent analytics. Finally, by keeping interfaces simple, our tools more accessible and useful to our customers.


Our mission was to develop the most comprehensive AI solution for predictive analytics and intelligent decision-making. Our goal was to provide decision-makers with a platform to manage uncertainty and de-risk today’s choices for a more secure and successful tomorrow. With our Global Cognitive System, we believe we’ve accomplished this by offering both comprehensive analysis of complex problems and scenarios across industries, as well as data-centric predictive analyses for economics, trade, commodities, currencies and equities.

Complete Intelligence takes the uncertainty out of decisions and provides a reliable path forward for success. Put our technology to work and uncover what the future holds.

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