Customized forecasts, strategies, and solutions to drive your successes.

We deliver real business solutions,
not just forecasts.

CI-Advisor provides comprehensive analysis of complex problems and scenarios, providing accurate results and insights across all industries. Our analyses can be fully customized to your specifications for virtually any business requirement or commercial situation. Our API is highly configurable and can be tailored to specific customer needs.


Predictive analytics customized to your requirements

Across all industries, Complete Intelligence delivers consistently accurate results and unique insights. Unlike others, our platform isn’t constrained by limited data sets or restricted by a pre-conceived set of questions or analyses. Instead, we can tailor our efforts to fit your needs and develop forecasts, strategies, and solutions to help you to successfully reach your business goals.

Supply Chain
& Purchasing Optimization
Helping supply chain managers and buyers lower costs and anticipate risks in increasingly global and volatile markets.
Sales & Market Forecasting
Powering sales leaders and corporate strategists with Artificial Intelligence solutions to deliver enhanced forecast accuracy.
Investment Portfolio Analysis
Leveraging market data to identify trends and inflection points, ranging from metals to market indices to currencies and cross rates.
Strategic Financial Planning
Achieving financial goals and strategic objectives with the world’s most comprehensive market, economics and trade platform.
Merger & Acquisition Evaluation
Determining optimal timing for mergers and acquisitions based on industry, market and financial trends.


Our Global Cognitive System

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