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Gain confidence from the most comprehensive price forecasting platform available and make better forecasting decisions with our easy-to-use interface. CI-Futures provides detailed forecasting for sound data-based decisions, without the impact of bias, sentiment or opinion. Our platform allows evaluation of currencies, commodity, equity markets, economics and trade to provide a complete global picture.

Be confident of
future market trends.

With coverage spanning more than 1400 industries, Complete Intelligence accurately forecasts trade and economic trends in more than 100 countries. We've built a constantly expanding database comprising over 15.5 billion data points from proprietary and publicly available sources. Our Global Cognitive System uses millions of learning algorithms to ensure that our analyses factor in the most recent global events and market trends. One - year horizon price forecast give you monthly - interval price expectations for precise identification of likely inflection points and market moves. With statistical confidence levels and information on interrelated assets, each forecasts contains a wealth of detailed information.

Massive Information in One Easy-to-Use Interface

Imagine billions of data point being processed monthly to come up with the most accurate economic forecasts. Our graphical presentation will help you analyze historical and future trends, and also compare economic indicators to see relevance that nobody else is seeing.

Highly Customizable Output

Select from a wide variety of economic variables, trade indicators, equities, commodities and currencies to evaluate what’s important to you. Build the analyses you need to support intelligent decision-making.

Easy Analysis,
Easy Download

Analyze data in easily understandable charts and graphs. Customize how data is presented through your choice of graph style. Easily download images, data files or PDF reports to share, include in presentations or add to your own models.

Accessible, Affordable Subscription

Access thousands of markets, economics and international trade forecasts with a comprehensive annual subscription.


Our Global Cognitive System

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