Merger and Asset Acquisition Evaluation

Determining optimal timing for mergers and acquisitions based on industry, market and financial trends.

To buy or not to buy?
It’s no longer a question.

We provide the tools needed to determine the best time to acquire or merge with a competitor, purchase additional capital assets, or divest of holdings. With accurate market and industry forecasts, Complete Intelligence helps companies achieve desired returns, strengthen their negotiating position and avoid timing and market missteps for key transactions.

Realize Your Business Goals


Value Target Acquisition

By analyzing prices of the commodities and other goods used by a company, we can provide a snapshot of its cost structure as well as a projection of those costs into the future. When combined with our forecasting of finished good prices and market projections we can provide a comprehensive picture of demand and profitability

Determine Market Growth Opportunities

Complete Intelligence offers the ability to explore market opportunities by evaluating market penetration for specific products and capturing market growth cycles. This allows identification of potential incremental value sources in the purchase of a company, or greater justification for the acquisition of a strategic business asset.


Develop Enhancement or Turnaround Strategies

With a thorough review of business line performance, costs and profitability we enable companies to evaluate existing businesses and develop product or business line enhancement strategies. This is also useful in a turnaround situation to determine which business lines or services should be cut and which should be expanded to improve profitability.

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